Glaucoma Services From Our Optometry Medical Group In Seattle, WA

Glaucoma is a serious eye problem that can lead to blindness.  Our Optometry Medical Group in Seattle performs screenings for this disorder and additional eye diseases.  Our optometrist offers customized treatment for each patient diagnosed with this condition.

Summary of This Condition

According to our eye doctor at Optometry Medical Group in Seattle, WA, this ocular disease has no cure.  Glaucoma occurs when fluid in the eye exerts too much pressure on the optic nerve.  Elevated pressure develops when the aqueous humor does not circulate properly.

This disorder often links to a family history.  Other important factors include:

  • Chemical or force injury to an eye
  • An infection
  • Blockage of blood vessels
  • Certain inflammatory disorders

While the disease typically strikes both eyes, it might be more severe in one.  Our practice’s objective is saving as much of the patient’s sight as possible.

This disorder typically strikes individuals who are at least 40.  Individuals with African-American, Hispanic, Irish, Russian, Scandinavian, Inuit, or Japanese ethnicity have elevated risk factors.  Additional factors that raise risk include having poor sight, being diabetic, taking corticosteroids, and undergoing prior eye trauma.

This disorder has two primary types:  open-angle and angle-closure.  The first is far more common than the second.  Eye doctors define the type according to the reason for the patient’s inadequate eye drainage.

Unfortunately, diagnosis often occurs only once the condition has become advanced.  This is because early symptoms are difficult to notice.  The earliest is usually a loss in the peripheral visual field.  Other symptoms include:

  • Blurred vision
  • Pain in the eye
  • Halos appearing around lights
  • Headaches
  • Eyes that appear cloudy

Treatment Options from Our Optometry Medical Group

Our eye doctor in Seattle, WA makes a diagnosis after a comprehensive eye exam that includes specific tests for this disorder.  Patients with a positive diagnosis undergo continuing treatment to lower eye pressure and to help avoid optic nerve damage.

Our therapies for management of this disorder include the use of medicated eye drops, systemic drugs, and eyeglasses with corrective lenses.  For some patients, various types of surgery are beneficial in lowering pressure in the eye.

Early diagnosis by our doctor of optometry can affect how this condition progresses.  When we are able to control the pressure in an affected eye, it is possible to sometimes stop or at least slow optic nerve damage and preserve more sight.

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