Contact Lens Exam At Optometry Medical Group In Seattle, WA

If you regularly wear glasses, and you have thought about switching to contact lenses, knowing what to expect from your contact lens exam is helpful. Call Optometry Medical Group in Seattle, WA to make an appointment with our optometrist. In addition to taking this first step, read over the following information to familiarize yourself with contact lens use and the examination process.

Introduction About Contact Lenses

Contact lens wearers find that these tools have several benefits over wearing traditional glasses frames. Those who sport contact lenses find they have less difficulty engaging in strenuous activities like sporting events as there is no restriction in vision correction. There is also no worry about lenses becoming foggy during temperature changes. Contact lenses give crisp, clear vision without altering the appearance of the face in the process. Contact lenses come in different types, from extended wear for those who wish to leave them in place for a while to daily use which allows for a new pair to be used regularly. Contacts are also available to correct astigmatism and change the color of the eyes if desired.

Differences Between An Eye Exam And A Contact Lens Exam

There are a few differences between exam times. A contact lens exam not only measures the degree of vision you currently have but will also include a fitting to ensure new contacts fit your eyes perfectly. Our optometrist will first conduct the vision portion of the exam to check your current prescription strength. The fitting will then follow.

What Happens During A Contact Lens Fitting

A contact lens fitting is totally non-invasive and will only require a few minutes of your time after your prescription strength is determined. You will be requested to look into an eyepiece that resembles a set of binoculars. Our optometrist will sit opposite you during the fitting. They will ask you to remain still with your eyes completely open so they can use measurement devices within the lens of the eyepiece to determine the size of the diameter of your irises. If you blink the process will merely take a bit longer to conduct. You will then be given a set of contact lenses to try on in the office to ensure they remain in your eyes without discomfort or shifting.

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If you are ready to make the step in obtaining contact lenses, schedule your contact lens exam with our optometrist at  Optometry Medical Group in Seattle at your convenience. You can contact us at (206) 322-6915 (Rainier), (206) 395-2285 (22nd Ave). during business hours and look forward to helping you select the right contact lenses to suit your lifestyle.